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on May 18, 2014

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The Power Card Strategy is a visual support to help kids understand their social world (Gagnon, 2001).  The Power Card uses a student’s special interest/character/hero to help make sense of routines, social situations, and unwritten social rules.  The Power Card may be used to teach a variety of skills.  It is a proactive strategy (used before a difficult situation occurs) and works through motivation.  Visual supports rule at Lunch Buddies Plus!

I have made several Power Cards in the last couple of weeks for a variety of goals.  (Click on the link for a better view)













Safety is an issue for some of my young students.  Self-monitoring in the classroom is an issue for some of my older (2nd and 3rd grade) students.  Keep in mind that sometimes a strategy works like magic the first time it’s used, but often, time and consistency are the keys to success.



Gagnon, E. (2001).  Power cards: Using special interests to motivate children and youth asperger syndrome and autism.  Kansas: Autism Asperger Publishing Co.





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