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Fake it or Mistake it











Our featured activity this week is from KID CODES: Helping Kids Figure It Out.


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Sometimes if we want to stay connected and keep others thinking good, calm thoughts about us, we have to do “the social fake”.  When we “fake it” we want to be polite or protect the feelings of our friends.  The “Fake It or Mistake It” activity provides social scenarios to read and judge whether the person is faking or mistaking.  When someone mistakes it, they blurt out the first thing that pops into their mind about the social situation.  For example, in one scenario a teacher shows her students a picture of her new baby.  One student says, “He looks weird without any hair”.  What a mistake!!  During our activity we discussed how saying something like that could make the teacher feel.  It might also cause her to have some uncomfortable thoughts about the student who said it.  Instead we could say, “Oh, how sweet” or “Congratulations” while keeping that first remark in our thought bubble.

Take a look at these video clips.  The first one is an example of a “good social fake” and the second one is an example of a “bad social fake”.





KID CODES: Helping Kids Figure It Out activities are available at


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Autastic Avenues is offering a summer course


Go to to sign up!


perspective detective

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I am an examiner during SOL testing this week and next.  Like most of my students, I prefer to be on my regular schedule, but I am happy to help out.

May the Force be with you, students and examiners!

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The Power Card Strategy is a visual support to help kids understand their social world (Gagnon, 2001).  The Power Card uses a student’s special interest/character/hero to help make sense of routines, social situations, and unwritten social rules.  The Power Card may be used to teach a variety of skills.  It is a proactive strategy (used before a difficult situation occurs) and works through motivation.  Visual supports rule at Lunch Buddies Plus!

I have made several Power Cards in the last couple of weeks for a variety of goals.  (Click on the link for a better view)













Safety is an issue for some of my young students.  Self-monitoring in the classroom is an issue for some of my older (2nd and 3rd grade) students.  Keep in mind that sometimes a strategy works like magic the first time it’s used, but often, time and consistency are the keys to success.



Gagnon, E. (2001).  Power cards: Using special interests to motivate children and youth asperger syndrome and autism.  Kansas: Autism Asperger Publishing Co.





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Apples to Apples




I brought Apples to Apples back into the game rotation this week.  This time we played the game with a bit of a twist.














The Lunch Buddies were in charge of the game.  Each player was given a job and I must say that they took their job seriously.  Judges can be funny but they must be fair.  Materials Managers must think with their eyes and make sure that every player has 5 cards at all times.  The Encourager says, “well done” or “that was a great choice”.    The Voice Controller must decide when the fun gets too loud.  The Problem Solver is the “go to” guy or girl if a small problem comes up.

Apples to Apples is one of our fav games.  There are so many skills that can be learned from playing Apples to Apples.  One must be flexible when choosing a card to play even when it isn’t  a very good match.  Emotional control is necessary if a player starts to feel frustrated when the judge doesn’t pick  his/her card or when he/she doesn’t seem to have a good card to play.   Response inhibition is necessary to help keep one’s  “cool” when  one’s card isn’t chosen.  Staying focused on the goal of getting 5 green cards, even when one is in last place, is goal directed persistence.  

Most importantly, Apples to Apples is fun!!





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Sticky Thoughts

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I wrote and posted this on the blog at and wanted to share it.

Do you ever have a thought that gets stuck in your brain and it ruins your fun? It happens in Builders and Gamers. We are learning that we are the boss of those sticky thoughts. This is our strategy~




This great visual comes from

Sticky Thinking


All these sticky thoughts had to be written on a Post it, crushed, and tossed in the trash. Long term, we want to visualize this strategy in our brains.

many colored adhesive-message



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Perspective Detective



Perspective Detectives are making social predictions.  Making a good prediction is based on knowledge.  We gain social knowledge from our own experiences.  Perspective-taking helps us understand and predict other’s intentions, actions or intended meanings.  It helps us understand misunderstandings.

The featured activity in Lunch Buddies this week was~




This is just one of the Perspective Detective activities from KID CODES: Helping Kids Figure It Out available for purchase at




Lunch Buddies are learning what they need to know to make a good prediction.

Think Social,





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Day 2 of Teacher Appreciation Week



Yesterday the PTA provided a delish Taco Bar for our lunch.  Yummmm!  Each morning, during MMTV, names are drawn for prizes.  Lucky me~




Cannot wait to go to Mellow Mushroom!  This afternoon we have a Popcorn Bar.  Such fun!




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Teacher Appreciation Week



I hope all school based SLP’s get the royal treatment like I do at Mary Munford.  I arrived at Room 99 yesterday morning to find a yummy cheesy bagel (thank you, Elliott Family!).  Then, there were Dixie Donuts in the Teacher Work Room from the PTA.  The PTA is so good to us.  Thank you, Haas Family for the Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I also got some lovely Tuscan Melon hand soap from Maddie F..  And that was just Monday!!  The PTA is providing a Taco Bar lunch for us today.

Feeling Appreciated!


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Superflex® is back with even more fun!

Superhero kid



Our social thinking superhero, Superflex, is back with some fun and exciting card decks.  Most of the Lunch Buddies are very familiar with Superflex.  He has been a big part of our social skills groups for several years.  Superflex helps us use flexible thinking when we are around others and want to be part of the group.  He helps us defeat Unthinkables like Rock Brain, Wuzfunnyonce, The Queen of Wacky Questions, and One Sided Sid.  The new Superflex® Superdecks are hot off the presses.

PicMonkey Collage




These decks provide a fun way to stretch our thinking about how to defeat Unthinkables in our everyday life.  The groups love them.

If you use Superflex in your social thinking skills coaching, get these card decks at


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