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Teens in the Kitchen


A cooking class has been on my mind for a long time.  I waffled on the notion of leading the class myself but realized I needed to go to the experts.  Publix Super Markets are new to the Richmond area and I was hooked on my very first shopping experience there.  On one of my visits I noticed the Aprons Cooking School at the Nuckols Place location and had an Aha! moment.  I found my experts!

I took my goals to Chef Brian:

Improve social executive functioning skills while participating in a fun, social event, by promoting 
Time Management
Sustaining Effort
Decision Making
Problem solving

The folks at Aprons were fantastic!  They were flexible, accommodating, and fun.

Chef Brian and Chef Kara planned a gluten free menu of French Toast, Grits w/ Sausage Gravy, Maple Brown Sugar Bacon and for dessert, a Berry Napoleon with Oatmeal Crumble.

Look at the teamwork!



Thank you, Aprons Cooking School, for making this event an awesome social experience!


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