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I get a great deal of information and inspiration from  In a recent article, Emotional Control Strategies for ADHD Kids, I found some excellent strategies to help kiddos with ADHD practice controlling their emotions and impulsive outbursts. Out of the eight or nine listed, I particularly liked 1) developing a plan of action and 2) creating a “hard-times board”. Last week, as I worked with some students on coping strategies for emotional regulation we created this “hard-times board” as plan of action.



Planning ahead for problem situations can significantly increase a child’s ability to manage emotions  to achieve goals, complete tasks, and/or direct behavior.  We found that identifying the triggers that make the students upset is a huge step toward emotional regulation.  Having a list of Can’t-d0’s and Can-do’s is helpful in the moment.

Watch this short video on the concept of ADHD as Time Blindness – fascinating!


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