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Fun February!



Today, I am sharing some things that I love.  Some are old and some are new but they are all good!




When I am tutoring clients in reading, I rely so much on my training and experience as a speech/language pathologist.  This game has been used and loved for many, many years.

  • Targets

Auditory Discrimination (minimal pairs, word parts, sounds in words)
Auditory Memory (numbers, words, sentences, facts / details in a paragraph)
Auditory Integration (interpretation of directions, listening for key words, following multi-level commands)


This works!

071d713c4cc13629773539a608ea433a  is a fabulous resource for interactive books and ideas.  I used Where is the Heart? this month.  The packet includes a storybook, interactive comprehension activity and a sequencing activity.  Love it!   It does require time and effort to make, so plan ahead!


Gravity Maze is a wonderful incentive for my clients who are working on executive functioning skills.  It is worth working through the “not so fun stuff” to get to this.



Happy Valentine’s Day to You!





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