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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from LunchBuddiesPlus!

elfThis little lunch buddies elf had a great time at our holiday party.  That big cheek is full of pizza!

rudolfPin the tail on Rudolph was a big hit!

Happy Holidays from LunchBuddiesPlus.  See you in the New Year sharing all of our social skills progress.

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Bubble Bath for Candy

Soaking in a marshmallow bubble bath after so many parties!bubble bath

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Nap Time for Candy!


Candy is ready for the 2nd grade party.  She is sitting quietly and holding the candy cane limbo stick and her cake pop waiting for the next direction.

candy with mike

How low can you go, Candy?  There were many limbo champions today-Henry, Ian, and Walker!


Let’s do The Twist!!

After cleaning up the Resource Room, I found Candy napping in my tote bag!  I think I am ready for a nap too!

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It’s Party Time!!

party 2

Candy is ready to get the party started!  First Grade LunchBuddies are coming today.  We are having pizza, playing Pin the Tail on Rudolph, and popping those fun Party Crackers.


We will also make predictions about a white Christmas.  It will be fun to return in January and see whose predictions were correct.

More Party Pictures Later!  See Ya!

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photoCandy was diving head first into the popcorn when I arrived this morning!  LunchBuddies are not the only ones who love popcorn!

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Candy reads 12 Bugs of Christmas to her friends

The 12 Bugs of Christmas


I found Candy reading to her friends this morning!!  They seem to be using terrific social skills.

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Will it be a white Christmas?

snowI found Candy in the therapy room making snow angels this morning!!  Who else wants a white Christmas?

This time of year is so very exciting that it is difficult to keep your brain in the group and remember to use those expected behaviors  Don’t forget that you have a DPS to help you make it through the holidays!

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Another message from Santa


Candy surprised us again today with another message from Santa in the m&m’s.

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Party Planning

partyPlanning for our party is more than choosing games and what food we will have.  A coaching experience about “expected behaviors” for a party prepares everyone for having a good time.  Using Custom Boards app from Smarty Ears, I created a visual script to help everyone practice before next week.


Candy had a great time visiting all our social skills groups today!


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Holiday Party!

elf on a shelfLook who I found at the printer this morning!  Candy, the Elf on a Shelf, was printing out notices for our holiday parties.  Parties are a great way to show off the social skills that one has learned.  Starting next week, the coaching experiences in the therapy room will cover “expected behaviors” at a party.

Candy wants Holiday music, pizza, cake pops, POPCORN,  and Pin the Tail on Rudolph, and everyone’s favorite, LIMBO!  December 13 at 11:20 we will be rockin’ the Resource Room.

PS  Candy want’s to come to school!  I said yes.

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