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The Game Changer




I witnessed something wonderful yesterday.  The fourth grade Lunch Buddies ended our session with a fine game of UNO!  We laughed and had so much fun.  After they went back to class, I realized why it was so much fun.  None of them whined,”It’s not fair”.  There were no tears or meltdowns when players had to keep drawing cards.  No one said, “But I wanted to win!”.  There was a natural ribbing between players; words were taken in the spirit of fun.  There were high-fives all around (without a prompt from me).  Expected behavior when working and playing in a group was the game changer!

Happy Friday to All,


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Flexible First Graders



We had our last session of Flexible First Graders last week.  What a wonderful final lesson ~ reading the book ISHI-simple tips from a solid friend  (

I want to thank creative social thinker, Mary Keiger, for introducing me to this sweet, happy book.  See her blog post and activities

The Flexible First Graders have worked diligently all year to build a toolbox of self-regulation strategies.  They have learned ways to defeat the Unthinkables who try to get them to get stuck or have unexpected reactions to small problems.

They learned that it is okay to ask for help and it is okay to make mistakes.

Thank you, Mrs. Lippman, for allowing us to work with such a fine group of flexible thinkers.




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