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Reminder!! Perspective Detective course coming in August

Don’t forget to sign up for the Kids Course at Autastic Avenues.  Perspective Detectives.  Go to the website for more information.

perspective detective

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Group of children stand behind each other.


Friendships are among the most important relationships in our lives.  At any age, having friends provides support and promotes well being.  Through friendships children learn how to relate with others.  They develop social skills as they teach each other how to be good friends.  Kids need specific skills to be successful in reading and math and the same goes for connecting with others and building friendships.  These are the communication skills involved in making friends:

  • Entry Skills ~  Knowing how to join a group and being able to welcome another child into your activity is important.  In Lunch Buddies we make a recess plan for joining in the fun.  We also work on making a different choice when we want to   walk around the playground alone.  Standing or walking alone is so unexpected on the playground.  It sends a non-verbal message that one is unapproachable.
  • Accepting Feedback and Suggestions ~  It is good to be flexible in a friendship.  Using the ideas of others in your game or activity lets them know that you respect them and are a flexible thinker.  Understanding that feedback is just information or advice that can help one improve is important.
  • Reciprocity and Sharing ~ It is important to show interest in our friends.  In Lunch Buddies we practice keeping the conversation going by asking questions and making comments.  Friend Files help us store info about others to help make comments and encourage friends to share.  Listening to friends talk about their interests shows them that we care.
  • Thinking with your eyes ~ “Reading” a situation or “sizing” up the people in it is key to knowing how to act.  Learning to think with your eyes is a big part of our work in Lunch Buddies.  Being able to look at the expressions on friends faces or their body language and know that they are no longer interested in one’s monologue on Mindcraft is an important skill.  It is also important to know that friends can be bored with your topic and still be your friend!


It has been a wonderful, fun year in Lunch Buddies.  Friendships keep growing stronger.   Everyone have a great summer!



































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