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Are You Like a Magnet for Other People?


We want to keep other people thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings when they are around us.  Just like magnets “attract” and “repel”,  we can say and do things with our body, eyes, and words that make people want to be around us, or do things with our body, eyes, and words to push people away.  Magnets can be used as an effective hands-on visual for learning the importance of why we want to attract other people and how to draw them close.

Each meeting of the Friday Night Heights group for Teens and Tweens provides a context for practicing social competencies. Currently, the group focus is on making small talk, situational awareness, and self-monitoring.



The list of behaviors that repel others from the conversation is long.  Arguing, interrupting, and tone of voice are at the top of the list.  Too much sarcasm is also important and can be a deal breaker when it comes to friendships and hanging out with a group.



The following video helps us to understand the difference between verbal irony and sarcasm.  It is all about intent and tone.


Giving compliments can make others feel good.  If we are not careful and keep in mind who we are talking to, what we mean as a compliment can be received as an uncomfortable comment.  Since we are in a climbing gym we keep our compliments to what is expected in that situation.  “You are brave on the wall” or “Great climb tonight!” are examples of positive compliments.

Browse the videos at Everyday Speech Social Skills.  One in particular, Uncomfortable Comments is very helpful in showing situational awareness.

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