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Time Robbers

on April 19, 2018

Time robbers are those things that steal valuable time away from us.  Some time robbers are out of our control as they are imposed on us by others or unexpected circumstances.  Time robbers are often self-inflicted as we allow our valuable time to be stolen.  Either way, it is an important strategy to learn to identify and manage them in order to minimize the damage.

As I coach clients who are working to strengthen executive function skills, I ask them to first identify what they perceive as their own unique time robbers.  The following is an excellent example of something that I might use to visually guide my clients through the process.







Managing time robbers requires a great deal of self-control.

The activities in Self-Control Boot Camp help learners to:

  • understand what self-control means, why it is important and how it impacts our daily life
  • how to stop and think before making a decision
  • understand impulse control and will power
  • use self-control to accomplish tasks and responsiblities
  • self-regulate emotions and use coping strategies
  • stick-to-itiveness
  • strengthen self-control over time


We often need to ask ourselves “what does a client really need?” or “in what way can I best support a client?”.  Self-control and managing time robbers are foundation skills that are helpful to all learners.


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