Learning and Sharing

Reading Strategies

on July 18, 2017


The goal of all reading instruction is to help students become expert readers so that they can achieve independence and can use literacy for lifelong learning and enjoyment.  Learning to use strategies effectively is essential to constructing meaning.  Readers who are not strategic often encounter difficulties in their reading (Paris, Wasik, & Turner, 1991).  These early difficulties in reading may influence the way readers learn throughout the rest of their lives (Anderson, Hiebert, Scott, & Wildinson, 1985).


Comprehension is the reason for reading.

One of my clients loves color and coloring.  She wants to decorate every paper she encounters with color in a variety of forms.  I have discovered that this Find the Evidence strategy keeps her focused as well as teaching her how to go back to the text to find the answer to comprehension questions. For all of my clients, visual supports help to make the invisible visible.

Social knowledge is vital to reading comprehension.  Perspective taking activities help my clients make connections to their own experiences, read between the lines, and make inferences.




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