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Perspective Taking and Making the Invisible Visible

on July 6, 2017



MOTIVE and INTENT are important concepts for tweens and teens to understand in order to navigate their social world. Young people with social challenges often need explicit teaching to better understand this concept.  We think with our eyes to figure out others thoughts, intentions, emotions, plans, and motives.

I love these perspective taking activities from

The name of the activity is Perspective Taking Photo Activity Cards  What Are They Thinking?

We can write on the picture scenarios and draw whatever we need to to make the invisible visible.


“In working with our clients, we use the thought bubbles to help individuals learn about thoughts; the thoughts we have about ourselves and the thoughts we may have based on what we think about others. This tool can build more self-awareness into the cognitive process. It can then support carrying the lesson one step further: how we adapt our social skills based on our thoughts as well as the thoughts others have about us or the situation.”   Michelle Garcia Winner  

Read the complete article at



More perspective taking activities that we like to make interactive with sticky thought and speech bubbles.

Thoughts can change.  Different people have different thoughts and feelings about the same thing.  The sticky bubbles work well for making the invisible visible.

When watching delightful, wordless animated short films like Pixar’s Piper, thought bubbles give us a way of expressing our thoughts about the thoughts, intentions, and motives of others.


Happy Summer!


3 responses to “Perspective Taking and Making the Invisible Visible

  1. Becky Edge says:

    Loved the ideas! I’ve searched the Socially Skilled Kids tpt store but can’t seem to find the item you pictured. Could you share the title or link to it? Those pictures looked fantastic. Thanks!

  2. mhkeiger says:

    I love using “Piper” for social learning. It is also a great match with Anna Vagin’s “YouCue Feelings” book.

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