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Tone of Voice

on June 30, 2017







93% of communication is nonverbal and 38% is based on tone of voice.  Addressing these elements of communication are targets for my clients in middle and high school who experience ASD and social learning challenges.  It is important for young people to learn to “think with their eyes” in order to read the non verbal cues of others and just as importantly, to monitor their own nonverbal communication.

The evidence based technique of video modeling to target social skills for tweens and teens is highly effective.  I have been using  Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos during coaching sessions.

The videos contrast behaviors and show clients what everyone is thinking.  The Tone of Voice videos present teens using a harsh tone as well as an indifferent tone.

I use this discussion guide and game, a product by, as a framework for working on tone of voice.  Questions are provided to help you get the discussion going about tone of voice and the important role it plays in communication. After my clients discuss and define tone of voice, they get to practice altering their own voices to change meaning. Sentences are included as well as additional blank cards for them to add their own sentences to the game.


“Tone can be a deal breaker in the business world, in relationships, interviews, and social standing.”


Remember – tone of voice matters





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