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Chicken and Noodle Games

on December 12, 2016



My Top Ten reasons why Chicken and Noodle Games are the BEST:
1.   Promotes social coordination.
2.   Allows the player to share fun, pleasurable moments with others.
3.   Provides opportunities to practice referencing another for information, reading the plans of others, impulse control and     self-regulation.
4.   Promotes cognitive and emotional processes, rather than behavior skills.
5.   Everyone playing can scream with laughter and be silly!!
6.   Assists with focus, attention, concentration, and perseverance.
7.   Enhances perceptual motor development.
8.   Fun!
9.   Fun!
10. Fun!

2 responses to “Chicken and Noodle Games

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Love Chicken and Noodle Games! One year a student said, “Mrs. Keiger, I think you may have a Rock Brain situation here.” “Why do you say that?” I asked. “You seem to be STUCK on Rubber Chickens!”

  2. That is a good one, Mary! I have giggled all morning because I can picture that student saying those words.

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