Learning and Sharing


on October 17, 2016



How much time do you spend planning each week?  I probably spend more than a few hours each week setting goals, organizing, planning and prioritizing for my therapy and coaching sessions and specialized reading tutoring.  The progress of my clients depends on it.  Today, I wrote reports, created rubrics, put together executive skills workbooks, and printed/laminated/cut out activities for the coming week.  These are some of the tools and activities I’ll be using:

There is always room in the multi sensory reading program for fun activities.  After all the drills, my clients enjoy these games designed to support Orton Gillingham multi sensory reading instruction.


Syllable Patterns



Short vowels

As an Executive Function Skills Coach, I find these fun, humorous sticky note pads helpful in assisting my clients with organizing, planning, prioritizing and juggling multiple tasks.



I am working with some adorable first graders.  These cool activities boost naming and rhyming skills.


Whew, that covers some of my week.  Now for the social learning plans…



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