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Helpful Props and Visuals

on August 26, 2016


A few years ago, I purchased the game Remote Control Impulse Control™ by Franklin Rubinstein, Ph.D., from The game consists of a set of four card games which use remote control symbols to teach three essential skills:

• STOP and redirect behavior.
• REWIND and learn from past mistakes.
• FAST FORWARD and think about consequences.

I really like the concept of using the remote control as a prop during therapy, coaching sessions, and reading tutoring.  The above mentioned game comes with a card stock fold and use remote (which lasts about a minute).  I had an old remote gathering dust so I grabbed it up and put it in my Toolbox.



Several of my clients who are receiving specialized reading tutoring also have ADHD.  When they come to a word that they don’t know, their tendency is to look at the first letter/sound and make a random guess.  That’s when we press “pause” on the remote control and use strategies for decoding and to make a “smart guess”.  Once my clients “get” the concept and understand just how helpful a pause is when reading, the remote can stay in the Toolbox (or setting out on the table as a visual reminder).



I print out a handful of the “Smart Guess” visual and keep them handy in my Toolbox.

Another visual that I made –



I would like to hear from you, Followers, about tools in your Toolbox.  If you find the tools that I share helpful, let me know.  Best wishes for a school year full of flexibility, progress and fun.




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