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A Fun Way to Deal with Thoughts and Feelings before They Ruin Your Day!

on February 12, 2016



I am not sure where I found this terrific lesson but you can find it at  I am always searching for ideas to help make the invisible visible for my students.  The concept of Mind Pirates provides a way for the Lunch Buddies to identify and visualize negative thought patterns that hijack their day and steal their peace.  Mind pirates are negative thought patterns that influence how we feel.  Stressful feelings come from stressful thoughts  Mind pirates are thoughts that steal away the ability to stay in a calm, relaxed state and be ready to learn.  Mind Pirates are those thoughts that cause us to be distracted, unfocused, have upset feelings or strong emotions.  This activity gives us ways to deal with Mind Pirates and make them walk the plank!

The first step is identifying the Mind Pirates.  The Flexible First Graders already know strategies to help quiet their mind.  They closed their eyes and took two slow, deep breaths.  Then we made the following list together:

FullSizeRender 2


Step two is making those Mind Pirates walk the plank by using Treasure Thoughts.

IMG_1547 2


My favorite Treasure Thought is, “I don’t want to do this but I’m going to do it anyway because it is expected”.

FullSizeRender 3


I got these cute toy pirates at an online store, Magic Cabin (Pirate Fingermajigs at  They are a perfect visual (they collapse) for making your Mind Pirate walk the plank!

Step three is practicing a relaxation technique.  The Flexible First Graders have mastered the Calming Sequence.  They know how to practice relaxation and keep the Treasure Thoughts flowing.


Mind Pirates steal your feeling good, stress you out, make you sad, anxious, angry, make you want to wiggle, make you hold your breath, and cause you to lose focus.  Mind Pirates make you think you can tell what other people’s thoughts are when they haven’t even told you.  Try to use Treasure Thoughts to make those Mind Pirates walk the plank!!! is a great site.

Enjoy the long weekend!













3 responses to “A Fun Way to Deal with Thoughts and Feelings before They Ruin Your Day!

  1. Kim says:

    Love this idea, thanks for sharing

  2. mhkeiger says:

    Great lesson on Mind Pirates and changing your negatives to positives. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Even adults can use it! 😂

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