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Flexible First Graders take on Brain Eater

on January 13, 2016



The Flexible First Graders are back on track and learning how to defeat yet another Unthinkable. This time it is Brain Eater.  Brain Eater can distract you from doing important things like get ready for school, do homework, and focus on the lesson in class.  Brain Eater uses distractors like TV, video games, velcro on a shoe, or thoughts about your upcoming birthday party!

I introduced the class to Brain Eater by reading a portion of the book, Superflex takes on Brain Eater and the team of Unthinkables by Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garcia Winner.  They were all quite sure that Brain Eater had had an effect on them many times.  We talked about strategies that could be used to defeat him.  The book includes a coloring sheet of the Superflex distractor shield which can be placed over the object that is distracting (toy or screen). This class is very clever when it comes to thinking of ways to be flexible.

Next, we watched this super funny video showing what it looks like when Brain Eater is on the loose at school.

Finally, Ned’s Head made a great prop for showing the student’s how some distracters are inside our heads (sticky thoughts and worries) and some are outside our heads (classmate humming while he works).  This activity is from Jill Kuzma’s website at

Stay flexible,


2 responses to “Flexible First Graders take on Brain Eater

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Looks like your kiddos are doing an awesome job defeating Brain Eater. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tara Moran says:

    Can you share a link to the video you used above…the link is no longer working. Thanks!

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