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Flexible First Graders take on Rock Brain and Glassman

on November 10, 2015



Flexible First Graders, AKA Mrs. Lippman’s class, are learning how to use their flexible brain to defeat Rock Brain and Glassman.   Rock Brain and Glassman are part of a team of villains known as The Unthinkables.  Rock Brain is known for getting into your head and getting you “stuck” in rigid thinking. Glassman causes you to have really big reactions to small problems.  The consequences of these two working together can be big trouble for you.  Luckily, we have Superflex® to save the day! Superflex is your super flexible brain in the form of a super hero.  We can learn how to defeat those Unthinkables using Superflex strategies.

First, we need to understand what is meant by expected and unexpected behaviors.  Here is a link to Jill Kuzma’s terrific visuals –


Find more visuals and information at

Then, we can list the expected behaviors when Glassman attacks.  Expected behaviors might include:

  • Stay in control of your body
  • Express your feelings in a calm way
  • Take a break to calm down
  • Be kind and considerate to those around you

Next we can apply these expected behaviors to complete a social behavior map-



I used Smarty Ears app for iPad to create this social script for defeating Glassman.





We all got a kick out of these videos that I found on YouTube.



Superflex® and The Unthinkables are the creations of Stephanie Madrigal and Michelle Garacia Winner.  Find out more at















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