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When You Think Your Life Stinks!

on October 23, 2015

Proactive or reactive


People feel a wide range of emotions on a daily basis.  It is important that we work through the emotions and develop resilience as a way of coping.  Often we get stuck in a pattern of reacting in a big way.  We can have trouble bouncing back from hard times.  When we are stuck in this pattern we can feel and think that our life stinks.  One of several factors that contribute to resilience is the ability to manage strong feelings and impulses.  Social skills and self-regulation play a big role in developing a resilient view.  Books and videos provide us with a way to see how other people react to hard times and learn coping strategies.  Here’s one of our new favs –

Our week focused on how to change “Baditude into Gratitude”.  We read Julia Cook’s new book –


We talked about triggers and strategies.  Mrs. Rairdan taught us a new strategy-hook ups.  It is a very calming Brain Gym® movement that helps us deal with stress.

One student made a list of what smelled good in his life.  This exercise helped to focus on many of the good things in his life.

Turns out this book is perfect for a variety of grades and age groups.  The children love the book and we just adapted the lesson to the needs of the students.

spot it halloween

Spot it! Halloween is sure to make you happy.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.




2 responses to “When You Think Your Life Stinks!

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Great lesson, Robin! I also have this book on my lesson plans. LOL- we should put our heads together sometime!

  2. I agree, Mary! We should put our heads together sometime.

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