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Narrative Development

on October 4, 2015

Some of my Lunch Buddies are now in 3rd and 4th grade and struggling with reading comprehension and narrative development.  Last summer I participated in an online webinar to learn more about the Story Grammar Marker® and learn how I could further help these students develop communicative competence.  The Story Grammar Marker assists students in expanding skills in perspective taking, critical thinking, and problem solving.  Mary Ellen Rooney Moreau, creator of the SGM®, says that it can “help them to independently re-tell stories with cohesion and academic language, understand motivations and thought processes of characters, make inferences, solve problems and take perspective”.  I learned from the webinar and the excellent posts on the blog at, that my role in collaborating with reading professionals is to scaffold for my students.

We are ready!


Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg by Tom Ross, was used as an example during the webinar. I decided to start with that book.


The SGM® Teachers Manual will guide you through the concept and process with visual supports.



The SGM® app will help the students create and tell a story or retell something they have read, seen, or experienced.  It is an  engaging way to help them organize their thoughts for expressing or writing.



Followers of this blog, please add your comments if you use SGM®.  I am always excited to add something new to the Toolbox as students evolve.  Check back to see how we are doing.


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