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Frustrated and in the Yellow Zone

on September 27, 2015

Zach gets frustrated


If you are in the Yellow Zone, you may be experiencing stress, frustration, anxiety, nervousness, or the sillies.  Sometimes it is expected to be in the Yellow Zone (going to the doctor’s office or recess). Our lesson provided us with what others may be feeling, thinking, and saying about us when we are in the Yellow Zone and it is unexpected (at church, the library, and certain times in the classroom).

Today’s book focused on frustration.  Zach is at the beach and struggling to fly his kite.  His dad teaches him a strategy called the Frustration Triangle.  Zach learns to Name It, Tame It, and Reframe It.  “It” is the frustration.  Find the book at:

Mrs. Lippman is presenting her students with “Tool Awards” whenever she observes them using the self-regulation strategies from their toolbox.  On Monday, during our sessions, the students may tell us about how/why they chose a strategy and the results. Find the “Tool Awards” at

The kindergarteners love yoga stories.  They are exploring emotional regulation through movement.

Come back next week for Week 4 (what?! can’t be week 4 already).



One response to “Frustrated and in the Yellow Zone

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Thank you for sharing, Robin! I love the Zones of Regulation program. The book looks good, too!

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