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Repairing Conversation Breakdowns

on September 22, 2015

two 3d humans with empty chat and idea bubbles




As conversation partners, we have a job to do.   If we lose focus, fail to listen, or say nothing, there is a good chance that the conversation will breakdown.  During Lunch Buddies today we practiced conversation skills on purpose.  It is important that we maintain a topic, balance talking turns, and show interest.

So today…



This visual support was at the ready to provide a prompt, if needed.  Too many verbal prompts are annoying.  It is ok to have a pause in the flow of conversation.  We all need processing time.

The Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos are perfect for video modeling of conversation skills.  In the Making Connected Comments video we learned how our comments should fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  If my conversation partner starts talking about football and my comment concerns the Minion movie, the pieces will not fit; the comments are not connected.



Find out more about the social skills videos at


We also like Model Me Kids social skills videos –


Find out more at

I like to combine resources, do you?


After all the hard work, we like to end on a fun note.



Keep the conversation going!






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