Learning and Sharing

Week 2

on September 18, 2015

week 2

Sometimes Monday morning tries to keep us in the Blue Zone.  Yawning, sighing, and just feeling blah.  How can we get back to the Green Zone and be alert and ready to learn?  How about a happy song from Dr. Jean and some fun movement!!



It was so much fun, we did it twice!

Last week we read The Way I Feel and this week we read The Way I Act.  Both books by author, Steve Metzger, are beautiful and launched a discussion on expected behaviors and positive outcomes.

I watched a great video that used a hand model to show the children how the brain looks and what happens when we are about to “flip our lids”.


The fingers represent the frontal cortex which helps us stay regulated and is where we keep our strategies.  We want to use our strategies before we flip our lid and lose control.

Mrs. Rairdan helps us to fill up our Toolbox with strategies, like belly breathing to help us stay calm.

Lovely second week!

My Best,


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