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Teamwork vs. Me Work

on May 28, 2015

Team of paper doll people holding handsWhen we are at school, soccer practice, with our family or in Lunch Buddies, we are part of a group or team.  It isn’t always easy to work and play as part of the group/team but we must try to think about what is best for the team/group and not just about what we want.  To help our group with awareness of the behaviors that show teamwork/me-work we used the following activity from  Included are examples, such as “Make most of the decisions because I am the smartest one in the group” then the group decides if it shows teamwork or me-work.




me work












I made this script to help the students understand what it means to be a thinking of you person vs. a just me person.





This is a very cute short video that shows “just me” thinking, me work, and finally teamwork!


My Best,


One response to “Teamwork vs. Me Work

  1. Mary Keiger says:

    Love the script, Robin! Thanks for sharing this. You have the best ideas!

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