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Getting to the Green Zone

on April 26, 2015

Rain on umbrella


I am in the Blue Zone this morning.  Chilly, rainy weather has an impact on how I feel and my ability to get things done.  Understanding what triggers my feelings and behaviors helps me choose the right strategies to get back to the Green Zone of regulation and ready to work on household chores and, ugh!, paperwork.

Our students who struggle with social thinking and self-regulation are getting some extra coaching with visuals, stories, music, and peer mentoring.  Last week the kindergarten class learned about “Whole Body Listening”.   Susanne Poulette Trusdale created the concept in 1990.  Find her article “Whole Body Listening: Developing Active Auditory Skills” (Language, Speech, and Hearing in Schools, Volume 21, 180–184, July 1990).  Inspired by Trusdale, Kristen Wilson (SLP) created Whole Body Listening Larry.


He is so helpful to children who are learning the concept.  The kindergarten class read/ learned about using Whole Body Listening at School and at Home.  They love him!

The concept of Whole Body Listening is a strategy to add to a Toolbox of self-regulation strategies that Mrs. Rairdan is helping us develop.



Figure 8 breathing was added this week.

I got this free poster created by, to use as a visual reminder in the classroom.  Go to to find the poster.



Here comes the sun!

My Best,




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