Learning and Sharing

Trying Something New

on April 21, 2015

Try New Things Concept


Being flexible means trying new things!  One of our favorite games to play in Lunch Buddies is UNO! When I brought in UNO Dare! there was a great deal of excitement and some LB’s slammed on the brakes. Why? Playing UNO! in a new and different way caused some discomfort just because it was new and different. I explained that the new version of the game is played exactly the same as all of the others except that in UNO Dare! there are choices.  A player can either take a +2 or take a Dare! Some of the Dares are very funny, like “Make up a cheer about the player on your left” or “Dance like a robot until your next turn”.  I was very pleased when the boys made choices to take the Dare!






5 more Mondays to go!



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