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Have a Fun Spring Break!

on April 1, 2015

funny boy in garden wheelbarrow


During Spring Break there will be many opportunities to practice social thinking skills.  So, if your break involves traveling near or far, smart planning can make a big difference.  Even if your break is a “stay-cation” chock full of activities around town, the proper strategies will help kiddos to regulate emotions and enjoy their experiences out of school.  Remember, we use social skills even when we are not talking.

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Visual supports can reduce anxiety about what to expect.  A social script about what to expect when you visit new and different places is so helpful.  Take that visual along just in case.  A visual reminder often works when verbal reminders do not.
  • There are hidden social rules for any setting.  Many people “know” instinctively what those hidden rules are and the expected behavior that goes with them.  Practicing expected behaviors in advance  can go a long way to relieve frustration for everyone.
  • Choose to have fun.  Be flexible.  Be smart and pack a bag of favorite items to take along for your child to use during down time.





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