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Lots of Learning

on March 15, 2015

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I spent three marvelous days in Raleigh!  I learned a great deal of new information listening to Michelle Garcia Winner;  met some wonderful people who were also attending the conference; and best of all, I was able to spend some time with a dear friend from grad school that I had not seen in 35 years.

I was impressed by her words as Michelle discussed the Cascade of Social Functioning, and she explained that when working on social thinking skills, we are “working on a mind process not just a  behavioral outcome”.  As I plan the activities for Lunch Buddies, I need to be more mindful that they encourage more “thinking about thinking” and are not so behavioral.

How lucky can I be?  I finally met my “blogging pal” and social thinker extraordinaire, Mary Keiger. Check out her blog at and follow her on Pinterest. Mary has great ideas for implementing social thinking concepts into small groups and beyond. Looking forward to using the Skitch app, Mary, and seeing you at the next conference!

Seeing my dear friend, Annette, after 35 years was awesome!  We talked non-stop.  She just retired from her job as a speech/language pathologist in North Carolina.

Back to work tomorrow after this new infusion – should carry me through to June!

My Best,



One response to “Lots of Learning

  1. mhkeiger says:

    Robin, It was amazing to meet you, too! I hope we can continue to collaborate and share ideas. Your passion for Social Thinking is incredible. Your students are very lucky to be working with you!

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