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Tools for Self-regulation

on February 18, 2015











Sometimes we get raised eyebrows and our colleagues are skeptical.  We hear, “yoga is all well and good, BUT…”.  Is it because yoga doesn’t look like “therapy”?  Self-Regulation is an essential life skill and self-regulation is what we see as the primary benefit of our yoga time.  Yoga helps to stabilize emotions, manage stress, sustain focus, and increase peer connections.




The practice of yoga has helped our students become more self-aware.  Most of them can verbalize how yoga supports the regulation of thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Check out for fun mindfulness and anxiety relief exercises.  Here is a link for alternate nostril breathing A Mindful Minute: A Funny-Looking, But Powerful, Breathing Exercise for Kids | GoZen!

While we are snowed in and probably struggling to self-regulate, try some yoga!













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