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What Are You Thinking?

on February 15, 2015

I have question! Portrait curious suspicious young girl student.

There are numerous benefits of perspective taking.  When we consider the world from outside ourselves we are better at problem solving, decision making and resolving conflicts.  Perspective taking is thought to lead to helping behaviors and empathy.   When we can see “the big picture” we are more likely to think flexibly.


Practice makes progress!

Perspective Party is indeed a party.  Such fun practicing flexible thinking when we perceive someone else’s thoughts and feelings in a variety of social scenarios.



Find this great activity at






Bubble Talk is a great game for helping kids consider what someone else is thinking or saying in a given picture.  When we play, we use perspective taking to make smart guesses about which caption the judge will choose as the best.








Enjoy the President’s Day holiday tomorrow.  Try to stay warm and fingers crossed for an extended holiday on Tuesday.






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