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Curious Questions Help Make Considerate Connections

on January 25, 2015

Speech Bubble - How, Who, What, Where, Why, WhenLearning and generalizing social skills is a dynamic process.  As children grow, they are confronted with constantly changing social demands. Many Lunch Buddies continue to work on showing interest and responding to others.  When it is difficult to learn from experience, we provide a framework and scaffolding in addition to practice, practice, practice.

I love to pull together a variety of  resources when working on difficult concepts.  I am so glad that I bought this book.  Just using the word “rule” to describe what the students need to do makes it very important!





I followed up with “Wh” Question Prompts” activity by KID CODES: Helping Kids Figure It Out.  This packet provides just the right visual support/scaffolding that some Lunch Buddies need.  It is available at









Another  KID CODES activity that provides a framework for showing interest is



We use these visual supports to help the Lunch Buddies to know the difference between a Curious Question that seeks information and shows interest and a Wacky Question that one already knows the answer to and does not seek information.  The above activities are very effective in helping the students to expand their ability to engage in thoughtful conversations.

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