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on January 12, 2015



I am too old for cold!  I get why older folks move to Florida or Arizona.  We are having some chilly weather lately.

Some 1st and 2nd graders were very happy when I brought out the new (to Lunch Buddies) Frozen Matching Game.



The girls got the session started by singing two favorite songs from the movie.  Then we talked about the different characters and described their personalities and feelings depicted on the game cards.  What fun!  I think they would have played for hours!  Joey is such a flexible thinker.  He was not really excited about Frozen Matching, but played with a great attitude anyway.  Everyone had their brain in the group!!




I can’t say, “The cold never bothered me anyway”!


2 responses to “Brrrrrr….

  1. sue says:

    We started off the New Year playing this fun game. Lots of feelings and facial expressions to talk about. I love when cards with opposite feelings popped up! Also worked on good sportsmanship skills. Losing can be hard. Enjoy and think warm thoughts!

  2. You are right, Sue. There are some expressions of strong emotions. They loved it!

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