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Developing a Flexible Reputation

on November 9, 2014


Last week, the Lunch Buddies had a great lesson concerning “a Flexible Reputation”.  I got the idea from the book,  Unstuck & On Target!  The book is an executive function curriculum and chock full of great ideas and lesson plans.  I got my copy from




First,  we discussed the meaning of a reputation.  Then, I pointed out that when we are repeatedly flexible, people start to think of us as flexible and we are more likely to get privileges based on our flexibility.  Flexible Reputation Scenarios are part of the lesson. Thanks to confidential informants, some of our scenarios are real, straight from the students everyday school experiences.

I made this visual as a take away, power card, reminder.

Flexible Powercard

There are many possibilities for extending and elaborating on this lesson.





One response to “Developing a Flexible Reputation

  1. Catrina Nappier says:

    Some days I feel like I need to be in a Lunch Buddies group. I need to work on my flexible reputation. Thanks Robin, for putting things in prospective.

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