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Happy Halloween!

on October 29, 2014




I cannot believe that it is the last week in October!  We have had lots of fun and growing pains (social learning is not always easy) this month.  Take a peek…



51NePC5jI6L._SX300_Tell Tale is a fun game of story telling.  Each person picks a card with a picture.  The person who goes first puts down a card and starts the story.  Going around the table, each person adds to the story with their picture and words.


To play this game, it is very important to keep your brain in the group.  The sequencing of the story can be proper or wacky and take unexpected twists and turns.


Outburst Jr. is back in rotation.  It is just right for the third and fourth grade groups.  It requires teamwork and collaboration.  The Lunch Buddies love to play it.


Outburst Jr. develops vocabulary, schematic learning, and expressive language.


Imaginiff  is a new game to Lunch Buddies.  When we are learning how to play a new game it takes awhile for it to really become fun.


photo 2


Imaginiff  is great for developing episodic memory and abstract, inferential thinking thinking skills.


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One response to “Happy Halloween!

  1. I have really enjoyed reading and using ideas from you Lunchbuddiesplus group! Thank you for sharing! Just ordered the game Tell Tale and Outburst Jr….thanks!

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