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Is your social filter on?

on October 10, 2014


Diverse Group of People Forming Colorful Placards




Julia Cook’s new book is out –



and with this new book, we revisited the concept of our social filter.


Sometimes we need to filter angry words


It is ok to think it but don’t say it.  Filter angry thoughts and words to stay out of trouble and to keep others thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings.  The filter it activity is available as a free download at   I add to the list things that I have heard our Lunch Buddies say and also some things that our confidential informants have passed on to me.










In keeping with my motto that there is no such thing as too many visuals, I use Jill Kuzma’s thinking bubble/talking bubble visuals to help the Lunch Buddies to further understand what might happen if we pop our thinking bubble and all those words spill out into our talking bubble.  See more of Jill’s visual supports at

As I get older, I have to be especially mindful to keep my social filter on!

Great weekend, everyone!



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