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What did we do last week?

on September 14, 2014

The Lunch Buddies packed a lot of learning and a lot of fun into one short week.  What did we do?  Take a look…


Hedbanz  is a favorite in Rm. 99. Not only is it fun but it is great for helping kids with their social communication skills.  As we play this game we are reinforcing some very important skills:

  • Showing interest and being curious.  Some students find it difficult to show interest in others.  This game gives practice in referencing others with eye gaze and by saying their name.  Asking/formulating questions is another tough skill to master. With Hedbanz we have many turns to see and hear what reciprocity looks like and sounds like.
  • Conversation breakdowns.  Hedbanz allows us to identify breakdowns and repair them in a playful way.
  • Impulse Control.  Players will be tempted to blurt out the name of the picture (which will cause uncomfortable thoughts all around).  Practice makes progress!





photo 2



We played Apples to Apples last week too.  Our focus was perspective taking and this game is so adaptable.  In Lunch Buddies we switch up the rules of the game often to help with flexible thinking.  This time, the rule was to pick cards that you think the judge will choose – take the judge’s perspective.  Oh boy! that was tough.



photo 3


When new friends join a Lunch Buddies group, a Community Circle helps them feel welcome.


A gorgeous day in the Commonwealth!  Enjoy!


















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