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A Resilient View

on July 3, 2014

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Happy Summer to all!  It is taking a bit longer than usual for me to stop thinking about and planning for social skills groups for next school year.  Hey,who am I kidding!  I really never stop thinking about it.  I have, however, made a plan for myself to be a bit more flexible.  My plan is to unplug completely at least a couple of days a week.

Many of the Lunch Buddies struggle to develop a resilient mindset.  Starting the new school year, we will focus on changing negative self-concepts or scripts to develop a resilient view. When we have a resilient view we can bounce back, cope or recover when things don’t go as expected or we don’t get our way.   A resilient view is flexible and allows one to see a mistake as an opportunity.

I ordered this set of books authored by Cheri J. Meiners at





They are written for younger children but I think that these books will be loved by all of the elementary Lunch Buddies.  The subjects of confidence, courage, resilience and positivity will spark discussion and conversation as we work to build flexibility and a realistic perspective.

Check out this wonderful article for parents on the subject ~

Here is an informative video for parents~


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