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Pairing Braidy, the StoryBraid™ with the books from The Incredible Flexible You™

on May 4, 2014



I follow some great blogs.  One of them is from  It is the Language, Literacy, RTI Blog.  A couple of weeks ago I read a timely (for me, anyway) post The Incredible Flexible You and Braidy Make a Great Pair.    MindWing concepts,inc.  has some terrific tools and intervention materials for helping students who struggle with language and literacy development and Braidy, the StoryBraid™ is one that I have found to be very useful in our Book Chat group to assist with story grammar.   Here is a picture of my Braidy. 






Here is worksheet to show how Braidy works.


Sean Sweeney’s blog post showed me how I could use Braidy, along with The Incredible Flexible You™ curriculum, which I have used in a Kindergarten classroom this school year.  TIFY curriculum facilitates social cognitive concept development through stories and play.  The stories and play activities have a strong connection to story grammar.

Last Tuesday, in Mrs. Lindstrom’s class, I tried out the combination.  We read




and this worksheet




We all liked the lesson.   Check out  TIFY curriculum is published via Social Thinking® and available for purchase at

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