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Remote Control Impulse Control

on April 29, 2014

Rainbow coloured slinky toy


Got a new game from Franklen Learning Systems –

remote control impulse control


Impulsive kids have difficulty learning from past mistakes, reflecting on the possible consequences of their actions, and inhibiting dominant responses (impulses) in order to initiate appropriate behavior.  Remote Control Impulse Control helps us develop flexible thinking and verbal organization.



The game does not come with a remote control, but I found an old one at home to use as a prop.  The kids love to hold it when it is their turn.  First, the player reads his card aloud.  Then, the player must decide on a strategy to resist the impulse.  There are three choices:  Rewind, Stop, and Fast Forward.  If the player selects Rewind he/she tells about a time when they gave in to a similar impulse and what they learned from the experience.  If they choose Stop, they describe what they could do instead of the impulsive behavior.  If they choose Fast Forward, the describe a probable consequence and how that might make others think or feel about them.  As a group we decide if we play cooperatively or competitively.  Fun!

I just read a great article, Creative Play Makes for Kids in Control by Alix Spiegel.  Spiegel includes the work by researchers Deborah Leong and Adele Diamond who say,  “according to many psychological researchers, the play that kids engage in today does not help them build executive function skills.  Kids spend more time in front of televisions and video games.  When they aren’t in front of screens, they often spend time in leagues and lessons.  While leagues and lessons are helpful to children in many ways, they have one drawback.  In leagues and lessons, they are usually being regulated by adults.  That means they are not able to practice regulating themselves.  As a result, kids aren’t developing the self-regulation skills that they used to”.  Food for thought!





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