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on April 23, 2014



Today was all about TEAMWORK!

The plan was to play the game Outburst Jr. but I knew that I must lay the ground work for playing together in teams.


Mrs. Rairden and I are always modeling teamwork as we work together to facilitate each Lunch Buddies group.  Sometimes we have to draw attention to it and be specific about what it looks and feels like.  So, we looked to RJ as a reminder ~


In this delightful book we learn withRJ that people who share and learn to work and play together live happier lives.

After reading the book, each of the Lunch Buddies was given their “job”.  Since Outburst Jr. can be played just like a TV game show, we needed a Host and MC ~

host and mc

We needed a reader~


We needed a time keeper ~


And a score keeper ~


Then we got into teams~

sharing ideas

Each team was given the name of a category.  The members of the team worked together to name as many items in that category as they could before the time ran out.  Impressive teamwork today!

My Best,


2 responses to “Teamwork

  1. Robin, I just have to tell you how much I love and look forward to your emails from LunchBuddiesPlus!!! I am an elementary school counselor and I do a lot of social skills & Emotions groups, sometimes during Lunch Bunch and some as regular small groups. I have used so many of your ideas with my groups and have had much success with these different ideas! Thank you so much for your wonderful posts!! I have gone out and bought several of the games you have suggested! Keep up the great work that you do and keep on sharing those great ideas!!!

    AnnMarie Birster

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