Learning and Sharing

Taking a Break

on April 14, 2014

Break at Gardening Work


Today may be the last partly sunny day of the break before the rain and chill move in.  I am having a great time working outdoors.  Just one more post from last week to share ~


The weather was so nice that we moved yoga out to the deck



A magic wand helped our darling girls in the community circle


community circle


Several of the Lunch Buddies have IEP goals that address “balance” in his/her contribution to the group conversation.  I have been thinking of a way to help these students self-monitor their contributions and make sure that the number of  initial or follow-up questions at least equal the number of comments.  Low and Behold!  I found just what I needed in the  KID CODES’ store at  The activity is called Asking Questions.  Yes, there is a Minecraft theme here, but, the third graders do not get stuck on Minecraft as a topic.




It worked out great with minimal support for most of the third graders.  One or two of the students who often say, “Guess what?’ and then proceed with a monologue, needed more support and they got it from student mentors.




By the end of the session, each student needed to have asked 4 questions and made 4 comments (minimum).  As you can see, Ian made sure that he exceeded that!


Will miss my Lunch Buddies this week!

My Best,
















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