Learning and Sharing

Spring Break 2014

on April 10, 2014



I am ready.  Are you?  My Spring Break from school will be a stay-cation and I will be with Builders and Gamers at Autastic Avenues.  Check us out at or our FB page to see what we are up to over the break!

We have been busy this week here at Lunch Buddies~




One of the 2nd grade groups played Dirty Laundry for the first time.  There are a couple of boys in this group who continue to struggle when it comes to thinking of others and using info in their friend files.  This game challenges each player to make smart guesses about what their friends are thinking and what they might say about themselves.


Love this yoga collage~




The adults had to declare yoga and Lunch Buddies as “Minecraft” and video game free zones for a while.  When you walk in the door you must agree that you will not dominate the conversation with “video game talk”.  We all need to learn flexibility.  There are so many other topics.  Everyone wants a chance to talk and be a part of the group.


Having a flexible brain means that you are willing to accept and anticipate change.  When things do not go the way you expected them to go, you have to create alternative choices.  This week and last, our Book Chat group read books with an egg theme as lessons on flexible thinking.















The stories in both of these books challenge students to be social thinkers and flexible thinker.




For the 4th and 5th grade students, I now have Social Skill Builder My Community interactive videos.  The focus of this program is enhancing social skills and personal safety outside the classroom and school.  It features personal safety, phone etiquette, prior planning, negotiating, working cooperatively, frustration management, waiting for your turn, and making conclusions.  I really like the levels as each one is more challenging than the one before.



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