Learning and Sharing

Emotional Responses

on April 3, 2014

Lots going on this week~


The core components of social and emotional learning are: self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and thoughtful decision-making.    Strategies that help us manage and control our emotions and our emotional responses help us in our daily lives.  Sometimes we need to practice so that we know which response is a match or a mis-match to an emotion



Here is another terrific activity from KID CODES.  Find it and others at




We played the bingo game as a group.  After reading a card we thoughtfully decided on the expected response.   The group then discussed whether the response was a match or a mis-match and how our responses might make others feel.  Then we discussed what the outcomes of our behavior might be.



The benefits of yoga continue to surprise us!

The Airplane pose improves balance, develops concentration, and strengthens legs, chest, and arms.   Tyler is so focused and balanced!




Wake up and energize with the Elephant Shower Pose.  Elephants must have great breath control to be able to shower themselves!





























My Best,








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