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Between The Lines

The Lunch Buddies tried a new app this week.  It is called Between the Lines and was developed by  Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language &Auditory Development.  It is not a social skill modeling app, but rather a means to practice interpreting vocal intonation, perspective taking, “thinking with eyes” to interpret facial expressions and body language, and idiomatic language and slang.  The app uses real photographs, voices, and mini-videos of a variety of social situations and expressions.



As you can tell by this photo it is engaging.

Four 3rd graders wrote the following reviews:

“The app was helpful for my brain.” ~ Walker H.

“It is good and I like it and it helps me.” ~Tyler A.

“It was fun to do.” ~ Forrest W.

“It is a great educational game.” ~ Bailey M.

I like the progress tracking feature and how data can be saved, stored, printed and emailed.  Most of the Lunch Buddies have been in the social skills groups for two or more years and have had extensive coaching for situational language use.  This app provides a terrific way for them to apply what they have learned through the coaching sessions.  Find out more about this great app at

Aim for the Stars in yoga~


In these photos, the students work through a series of star poses and end with the Open Heart.

Have a good Saturday everyone!

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