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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

on March 26, 2014



What would others think?  Being a good social thinker means we consider the thoughts and feelings of others-perspective taking.  We need to think about how our behavior affects others.  The Should I or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think? game is a terrific way to assist students to think about their own behavior choices and then compare how their perceptions match or don’t match those of the other players.




Perspective taking is not just one skill.  Perspective taking is a complex combination of different skills that include thinking about one’s own thoughts and feelings, the thoughts and feelings of others, one’s own behaviors, understanding the social situation, and using self-regulation to monitor and adjust one’s behavior.

The verdict is still out on whether the Lunch Buddies like this game or not.  With Should I or Shouldn’t I? we are forced to shine a light on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and that makes us a little uncomfortable.  It also stretches and strengthens our social thinking skills.

Should I or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think? (Elementary Edition) is the creation of Dominique Baudry.  The game is based on the Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary introduced by Michelle Garcia Winner.  The game is available for purchase at

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