Learning and Sharing


on March 21, 2014




Second day of Spring and I am feeling encouraged that the snow days are over!  The sun was a welcome sight!  It has been a week of field trips, swimming lessons, and testing.  We did manage to squeeze in some social skills groups.

The full version of 5 Second Rule arrived and we have enjoyed it this week.


The timer in this game can be a big distractor if one is not careful.  Walker C. had a great suggestion- when it is your turn, close your eyes while you name the 3 items.  It is also a good idea to sort through the cards prior to the game and select the cards appropriate to age of the group.  The game is aimed at age 10 and above but the 2nd graders decided that it was just fine for them.

This is what I had planned for Book Chat today, but…. there was a concert.  The music was fantastic and I am so happy that the group had the opportunity to go.    Will save for next week:

After reading a theme based passage, the students look for proof for their answers to a variety of Wh questions.   When they find the proof they underline it in the color specified.  I found this great activity

seuss preview[5]

Created by Luckeyfrog and available for purchase at

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the creative teachers and therapist who share their creations on TPT.  Thank you.   Thank you.   Thank you.

Enjoy the warm weather tomorrow, everyone!



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