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on March 13, 2014

Some weeks are so full of fun!  Here is just a snippet of  LunchBuddiesPlus this week.

The 1st Grade Girls do their yoga ~ star poses


I brought Cariboo back into rotation for the preschool and low incidence students.


I made pictures to serve as visual cues to answer the Wh-questions card game.  The jewel is replaced with a Skittle.  Love this versatile game.

One of my colleagues stopped by Room 99 to offer me this game


5 Second Rule!  My colleague got this mini version in a kid’s meal at Chik-fil-a.  What a great game.  It is not easy to name 3 items from a specific category before the 5 second buzzer.  We had many opportunities to be flexible thinkers.  There was uproarious laughter.  Most everyone was able to laugh at themselves and say “Oh! not a big deal”.   Those who are rigid in their thinking and have a strong need to be right,  struggled to join in the fun.  I think if we keep at it, we can help those students be flexible enough that they can laugh with the rest of us!  We went way over our designated time and as we shooed them out the door, they were still cracking-up with each other.  Love that!  I immediately got online and ordered the full version of the game.


Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set is a big hit, too.  My preschool students enjoy this toy from Learning Resources.  Ruff’s House builds sensory motor play skills and verbal sharing.

I’m exhausted from all the fun!



2 responses to “Fun!

  1. Robin, this was a great post!! I look forward to your emails and today’s post inspired me to also immediately pick up 5 Second Rule! I also do a lot of lunch bunches and I am always looking for great new ideas! Thanks for sharing!!


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