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Try Not to Blurt!

on March 2, 2014


Oh Snap!!  I am guilty, Stephen Covey.  I will try to be mindful of my own listening and speaking with good purpose as I model for the Lunch Buddies.  I have noticed that my own conversation partners often are not willing to let me pause for a breath or to think of the word I want.  These adults blurt out the word they are thinking.  Sometimes it is the same but sometimes it is not and it just disturbs my thought process.  This must be what my students are thinking and feeling when adults prompt them too quickly.   A pause is ok.  A moment of silence in a conversation is ok.  Wait expectantly.  I have also noticed that, as I am talking, adults will blurt out “right, right, right”.  I cannot talk and listen at the same time.  If I “talk over” my conversation partners, I apologize and will try to be mindful to listen with the intent to understand.

I saw this gem on Pinterest the other day


I am not sure where it originated and I apologize for not being able to give credit to the person who created it. Big thanks for posting it.   I love the concept and tweaked it a bit to include words that we use in Lunch Buddies, such as, “unexpected”.  I used Custom Boards app for iPad.

This is how it turned out


We are using it with the Speak with Good Purpose and Button Up visuals that were seen on the blog last week.

As I look out at the blue sky today I find it hard to believe that SNOW is coming!



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