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Speak with Good Purpose

on February 25, 2014




I like the Activity and Idea Books that Julia Cook has written to accompany her wonderful books.  The Supplemental Teacher’s Guide for My Mouth Is A Volcano has a visual reminder called “Button Up”.

It looks like this



Visual reminders are key when helping students to learn not to interrupt or blurt out in class.  This visual reminds students to “Speak with good purpose” or  “Button Up”.

I knew my students would need some explanation about what it means to speak with good purpose, so I started doing some reading.  Today in the lunch buddies group, this is what I told them- what we say to others and to ourselves can have a huge impact.  If we stop and think before we speak instead of just blurting out whatever pops into our heads, we can learn to speak with good purpose.  Will our words encourage?  We all have negative thoughts sometimes, but we don’t have to say everything we think.   Sometimes our teachers need to teach without interruptions.  That is the time to “Button Up”.  Often, our teachers want us to ask questions and participate in class discussions and that is the time to speak with good purpose.  These visuals will help us all learn to know when it is the right time to button up (no blurting or interrupting).  The visuals will serve to remind us that it is not a good idea to say everything that we think.



The new yoga pose for today is the Open Heart pose.  Partner poses encourage trust and communication.  The Open Heart partner pose encourages opening up to risk and trust.


First tries were good tries.  I am sure the Open Heart pose will become a part of our routine.

My Best,


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